Cleveland Tango


It’s hard to name a body of work, especially one that’s still going through the pains and beauty of coming into being.

Working with a painting is a lot like getting to know someone. You meet, suss out preliminary details, and form a first impression. Just like that a relationship is formed. Even if the piece is abandoned or sold, even if the friends drift apart, forever more the two will exist in relation to one another.

With any act of creative expression it’s my experience that one learns from the piece itself. The -process- of painting or drawing, dancing or strumming or sculpting, offers an opportunity for exploration. A deep dive into a pool of mysterious waters that change and reform from the swimming; that can change and reform the swimmer herself.

Over the years this process has been becoming more and more clearly the same across so many different types of interests. From art to science, mathematics to philosophy, mythology to movement, I’m finding a sense of deja vu in my process of learning. A familiarity of form and a repetition of relationships.

In the painstaking detail of these drawings/paintings I sought to leave traces of such realizations. Like working with mandalas, crafting intricate patterns has offered me a physical anchor for my thoughts. They’ve helped me to work through various intellectual concepts and considerations that, without bodily intervention, would have rocked around on my waves of contemplation (for who knows how long) with no mooring point.

The concept itself was meant to offer a visual representation of how I feel when dancing tango, but the -process- of putting mind to pen to paper has given me so much more.

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Opening night Saturday March 30th, 2019
(art will be on view for the month of April)
Negative Space Gallery
1541 E 38th Street, upstairs and to the left
5-7pm, with an open mic event starting at 7