Cleveland Tango


 Welcome to registration for the 8th installment of your favorite down-home, high-times, happy-to-see-you marathon!! Last weekend of July, 2019.

Link to tickets for the marathon on eventbrite

Registration is officially open!

  • Option 1 –> Click on the image or the link above to visit our ticketing page on eventbrite. Note: Additional processing fee will be charged
  • Option 2 –> If you’d prefer to pay by check please write to us as soon as possible at info@clevelandtango.com and send checks payable to The Cleveland Tango School, 1028 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland OH 44113
  • Option 3 –> If you live in NYC or Cleveland, or if you catch us on the road you can pay in cash!
  • Option 4 –> Wait until the event and pay for each milonga a-la-carte. This is the priciest and least preferred option (we’d really appreciate as much advance notice as you can give), but do what you gotta do!

Start planning your trip

Check out this super helpful map of things to do around town!

Join the facebook event to chat with folks about your mutual unbridled excitement, find a roommate, or ask whatever questions you like.

Check here for a list of lodging options near the venue and also in some of the other delightful neighborhoods that Cleveland has to offer.

Make sure to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art while you’re here