Cleveland Tango

Join us every month for an evening of dance and revelry in Tremont. At the gorgeous historic Olney Gallery every Second Saturday we host a milonga with the intention of providing artists a space to practice their art.

Here at The Cleveland Tango School we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to express their creativity and craft. For those of us who are interested in performance, DJing, and teaching, it’s invaluable to have a chance to hone the skill of engaging with a room full of focused attention.

If you’re interested in being one of our featured artists please reach out! We’d love to hear any ideas for sharing your art with the community.

**7:00pm Pre-Milonga class
**8:00pm commence standing cuddles

$15 for class + milonga
$10 just to boogie

It is our opinion at The Cleveland Tango School that Tango as an art form deserves to be promoted as well as preserved, grown and changed as well as respected and care for. That is why every month we offer (mostly up-and-coming) artists an opportunity to showcase their craft. In the span of two+ years we’ve enjoyed performances and lessons by visiting artists from Detroit to New York to Paris. Ann Arbor to Buffalo. Pittsburgh to Montreal.

It is also our opinion that healthy local and regional communities are the backbone of this dance. This monthly milonga is one way we can help with the growth of tango in the Rust Belt!

Check our Facebook page for this month’s featured artist!

Take a look at who we’ve had the pleasure to showcase over the past few years: