Cleveland Tango

Hear ye hear ye!

Cleveland’s premier, No. 1, so-underground-you-didn’t-even-know-it-existed social tango school will be offering a 3-hour mini-camp this month.

Perfect for…

  • anyone with two left feet or a desire to run far from the dance floor
  • people who sit all day and want a reason to get moving
  • anyone who has thought “gee I look at my phone a lot..”
  • those who are new to town and keen on meeting interesting folks.

The workshop will be broken into two parts and designed with people who have had no prior dance experience in mind. Alberto and Micaela are the dynamic duo of the Cleveland tango scene and they believe that tango puts you in touch with your body and teaches you how to move. As experts of their craft, they teach with humor and metaphor to ensure students learn in a relaxed, fun, and systematic way. They teach fundamental concepts and techniques, along with basic figures, that build on each other and prepare the dancer for the social dance floor.

Tango is more than what you see in the movies. This mini-camp is the perfect time to disconnect from devices you’ve used all week and connect to how your body moves through space.

It’s a social dance that teaches us how to communicate without needing a single word!

With a little practice, this is easier than you might think and serves as a great method for “waking up” and engaging the body after a long week of work sitting at a desk. After only 3 hours, it’s possible to feel ready for a social tango dance party. After a couple months of weekly classes you may even find yourself excited to get out on the floor.

If you shake up your normal weekend plans and join this mini-camp, you’ll not only gain more body awareness and move with greater intention, you’ll also become part of a community filled with fun, talented, strange, nerdy people like you. Topics that have naturally arisen in “normal” conversation at pre- and post-dance events have included anime, art history, that one meme going around, linear algebra, and LARPing. As even more added value, after this mini-camp, you’ll be in a prime position to take and succeed in The Cleveland Tango School’s next beginner’s series starting on September 3rd (discounted for n00bcamp participants!).

We look forward to working with you:)


Viva Dance Studio
1541 E 38th ST
(216) 361-1338

Consider joining the event page on facebook and feel free to ask questions or start a conversation.


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