Cleveland Tango

Tango is a social dance as much as it is a performance art, reason for a good party, and deeply rewarding personal practice.

Here at The Cleveland Tango School we aim to provide outlets for each one of these aspects. Our weekly practica is a taste of everything. Come to dance, talk, hug, work on your ochos, tell jokes, troubleshoot that new figure you just learned, eat snacks, or simply support the growth of this community.

-Every Wednesday–

$10 // we provide light refreshements, hugs, and answers to any ??s
1861 W 25th Street

A few things to note:

No cortinas – feel free to dance as few or as many songs as you want

Split dance floor – please be considerate about your space usage to keep the line of dance moving. Practice space is for working on things that don’t travel.

Refreshments provided but you’re welcome to bring anything you’d like to consume or share!

Be considerate and constructive with your language! Working with a partner can be difficult and it’s often hard to communicate something between the roles. Make sure that any information you offer is done so at the request of your partner and with an intention of healthy progress:)

Ask questions!! Practicas are a perfect time for “Hey can you take a look at this?” We can all help each other train and grow.

Each dancer is unique, and there are many paths up the mountain, so we work hard to understand, discuss, and explore tango in its entirety.

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