Cleveland Tango

What the what?

Tango is a partner dance that began as a popular music style in the region of Argentina and Uruguay. In 2009 it was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Today you can find people dancing it all over the world, every night of the week.

Here in Cleveland we have one of the most steadily growing communities in the country, and are quickly becoming a reliable destination for tango in the US. From weekly gatherings to large scale events, The Cleveland Tango School offers a way for you to progress on every step of your tango journey.

Why Dance?

Humans are meant to move! Dance has been an integral part of almost every culture for hundreds of years, and only recently have we seen such a stark tendency toward sedentary life. There are numerous studies now that point to partner dance (and sometimes tango in particular) as a way of staying healthy both physically and mentally.

—? Maybe you’re interested in finding a new community of people who are curious, passionate, and dedicated to a practice.

—? Maybe you’ve always been terrified of busting a move, but someone suggested tango as a good entry point.

—? Maybe you have an idea of roses in the teeth and fishnet stockings (spoiler alert: that’s not what it’s really like).

In any case, we invite you to come learn a bit about this fascinating art form and what a community of dance can offer!

Okay, how do I start?

Tuesday nights are your best bet, we offer two hours of class that cover all the basic vocabulary you’ll need to make your way onto the floor.

Each level runs for three months of alternating material. Each month is a cycle of 4 classes designed to introduce and train the fundamental building blocks of tango. Once you have these two levels under your belt you’ll be able to hold your own at most any tango event.

—> Start at 7pm to learn the basics of parallel system, how we create linear movements and communicate ideas to our partner.

—> Once you’ve graduated from Level 1 you can move up to learning about the dynamics of circular movements. Stick with us for these two levels and watch yourself transform into a capable dancer!

—> After you’ve masters the basic skillsets of these two systems (parallel & cross) then it’s time to start adding supplemental tools to your belt with our Wednesday night partner seminars

Can’t make it on Tuesdays? Keep an eye out every few months for our N00bcamp! A one-day beginner intensive series held on the weekend, four times per year. This three hour workshop is designed to give you a solid overview of social Tango and is a great way to test the waters!

Please let us know if you’ve found this information helpful, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at We look forward to working with you!