Cleveland Tango

(top photo credit: Blair Judson)

Welcome! Here’s a bit about us and what we do:

Tango is a social dance originally from Argentina and Uruguay; it began as a mixture of music styles from several different cultures coming together for the first time. The music and movements that came out of this hotbed of creative experimentation have proven to last for almost (or in some cases longer than) a hundred years now.

The dance, too, has evolved over those years (almost even vanishing at one point!); drawing from other dance styles like ballet and contemporary, now a large focus for dancers is how to do this as enjoyably as possible for as long as possible. This is a very exciting time to be involved with tango, especially here at The Cleveland Tango School where the goal is: Healthy Bodies, Creative Minds, Great Hugs

The Cleveland Tango School has been effectively closed while everyone is experiencing this global health crisis, but we never stopped training and working on this business. Now we are very carefully starting to rebuild a healthy and sustainable community of dancers here in town.

If you’re interested in supporting or participating in what we do please consider one of these options! And thank you for helping two working artists continue to create something beautiful in this world ♥️

–> Buy us a coffee! If you’re not comfortable dancing right now, or don’t live in Cleveland, you can still help support what we’re trying to build with the school. Anything is appreciated, if you have enough to give

–> Come to our fundraiser weekend! While our weekly and monthly events are postponed until we can build the business back up a bit, we ARE throwing a rager on Halloween weekend 2021.

–> Take private lessons on Sundays @Viva! If you want to learn tango asap then maybe try working one-on-one and get an idea of why we’ve committed our whole lives to this beautiful dance.

–> Come to our beginner bootcamp! The group classes may be discontinued until January, but we are giving a one-day weekend workshop in November. Stay tuned for information on that.

–> Join our classes in January! Over the next few months we’re staying focused on our own personal health and training, in an effort to come back stronger for the new year. Sign up for the mailing list to stay updated about when our in-person group classes are resuming.

We’re throwing a RENT PARTY guys!! It has been a tough reopening, and we’re having a rager to raise funds!