Cleveland Tango

Once the material in our Tuesday classes starts to feel like second-nature, then it’s time to pair up with a buddy for our Wednesday seminar. Four weeks of in-depth training on specific topics, these classes are designed to cover all the major tools you’ll find you want in your belt.

#1 –> Exploring Crosses
Diving into the Milonguero playbook we’ll be exploring CRUCIAL techniques and tricks to take your tango to the next level while exploring forward and back crosses.

#2 –> PBJ Tango: Sandwichito y Paradas
Changes of direction can be difficult. Sharing a moment can be difficult. This class we’re going to explore a technique that’ll make both of these ideas pop!

#3 –> Turns 2.0
A blend of technique and conceptual musicality. Knowing how to turn is great. Knowing when to turn is even better. This class will not only help students create a stronger salon turn but it’ll teach them how to use this element to best interpret the song on the dance floor!

#4 –> Milonga
If you hightail it to the bar when a milonga tanda hits, then this class may be for you… We will explore the embrace, the rhythms, and figures for the social dance floor.

#5 –> Interrupting the Ochos! Boleos and Rebotes
No muss; no fuss. Simple exercises to execute boleos and rebotes with a touch o’ flair. Over the course of the workshop we will go from a-z exploring the how to create organic pivots and a few tips and tricks to make them shine on the dance floor.

#6 –> Vals
Over the course of this class we will explore uncommon changes of directions based on spiral dynamics. An interesting way to boost your next vals tanda and a great practice to have in your back pocket. Come train with us!

#7 –> Playing with the Axis. Tips and Tricks.
Playing with the axis is probably one of the larger dynamic shifts in the tango dancer’s repertoire. This class will help explore some interesting ways to play with the axis and body weight.

#8 –> Calesita & Enrosque
Finding the calesita and enrosque with ease. Very few elements are as uncomfortable when led or executed poorly! This session is going to be spent finding clear and comfortable transitions as well as elegance in execution.

◉ $80 for all four classes
◉ pre-registration required
◉ must sign up with a partner

These seminars are held throughout the year, on four consecutive Wednesdays with 2-week breaks inbetween. Stay afterward for our practica and work on what you learned!

Working in a class setting with a dedicated partner is a great way to make gains in your tango practice. Not only does it help to study the skillset at hand, it also trains us to be more engaged and collaborative within the partnership.