Cleveland Tango


Join us at Viva Dance every Tuesday from 7-8pm to learn the basics or refresh your perspective on this beautiful dance, then 8-9pm for a deeper dive!

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TL;DR: come to class it’s been awesome! $68 for four weeks, $20 drop in rate, discounted packages for taking both tracks

September 1, 2022

Since opening back up in January Alberto and I have been working with a remarkable group of teachers on the ways we like to train, learn, and teach. Every week the whole squad gets together on Tuesday to work on the skills that make this dance functional as well as fun!

If group class is a beneficial way of learning for you, please consider coming out on a Tuesday night from 7-8pm at Viva Dance Studio!

And if you’ve been through a few of our classes we’d love to see you for the second hour from 8-9pm where we dive a little deeper. And if you’re game for both tracks like me and the team then the studio even offers a tango fast track bundle for eXtrA SaVinGs !! talk to Nika at the front desk.

Class is one part of the beautifully rich learning environment that tango has to offer, we hope you’ll also join us at our monthly parties and other special events!