Cleveland Tango

April 3, 2023

The Cleveland Tango School is proud to introduce a rebranding effort for our bi-weekly events, as our very own Alberto Ramos Cordero is one of the artists selected for the Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center Support for Artist Grant, funded by Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. With this award we will cover a whole year’s compensation for our staff and guest artists at “La Tertulia Tango Salon” twice a month on Wednesdays.

After reopening last year, we laid the groundwork for an event series that aims to promote and support the variety of cultures and artists all around Cleveland, Ohio. Tertulia refers to a social gathering where people come together to engage in conversation, exchange ideas, and share in cultural experiences. At La Tertulia, we bring this concept to life by providing a platform for artists of mixed media, including dance, theatre, music, and tango, to perform and showcase their work.

The Cleveland Tango School is proud to be founded and run by principal dancers Micaela Colleen Barrett and Puerto Rican artist Alberto Ramos Cordero. Our organization is dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of tango, and our event series is an extension of that mission. By hosting La Tertulia, we aim to create a community incubator where artists can develop their skills, engage with their audience, and receive support from the community. We believe that by supporting artists, we can help to build a vibrant and inspiring community in Cleveland, and we are excited to bring La Tertulia to life.

In Cleveland, we see a need for community development, representation of artists, and the creation of outlets that reward attention and encourage growth in many fields. La Tertulia addresses this need by providing a platform for artists to perform, showcase their work, and engage with their audience. In doing so, we move closer to a circular economy that supports artists, and local businesses, while building a community that values and appreciates the arts. By hosting La Tertulia, we hope to create a space where artists and venues can increase their impact, and where the community can come together to celebrate the richness and diversity of our cultural heritage.

Events will take place on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, from 7-10 PM, held at two separate venues in Tremont; the Puerto Rican-run Kaiser Gallery as well as nearby local music mainstay Forest City Brewery. Our goal is to provide a space where performers of all levels and mediums can express themselves freely and engage with their audience in an intimate setting. The funds raised through this grant proposal will go directly towards supporting these creators and ensuring that their work is showcased to the fullest.

Overall, La Tertulia is designed to address the need for community development, platforming of local musicians, repair of the attention gap, and encouragement of growth in Cleveland’s diverse creative community. By providing a space for artists to perform and connect with their audiences, La Tertulia will help to build a stronger, more vibrant cultural landscape for all.

Upcoming Schedule

April 5 @ Forest City Brewery
Shawn Mishak, from longstanding local outfit Kid Tested. Read here about their decades of experience!

April 19 @ Kaiser Gallery
Multi-instrumentalist Jake Briggs will be playing early in the evening, before his regular gig at the Velvet Tango Room piano bar nearby!

May 3 @ Forest City Brewery
Our first visual artist of the series, Tessa Le Baron will be doing some live painting for us! Check out the work on her website or at Negative Space Gallery, and her murals around town 👀

May 17 @ Kaiser Gallery
Lifelong musician Anthony Papaleo will be serving up lyrical libations from a deep well of musical knowledge! Catch him playing every week with some of the best bands Cleveland has to offer 🤘

June 7 @ Forest City Brewery
Hot Kenny G, a Cleveland transplant from NJ (where one is designated a Springsteen fan at birth) has been playing around town for years now and comes to rock our sweet party!

June 21 @ Kaiser Gallery
Local legend Moises Borges is back to demonstrate a bit of Bossa Nova magic, check out his gigs and projects ranging from the intimate to the expansive!

The Biggest Thanks to our Sponsors!

It’s a challenge to create sustainable infrastructure for the arts in this country, and we are ever-grateful for the funding received through the Unidos por el Arte program created by the Julia de Burgos Cultural Organization in partnership with Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. With their help we are able to start presenting these musicians for the benefit of our audience and the integration of Cleveland’s many creative scenes!